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The Value of Strong Business Relationships

I trust my mechanic implicitly. Whether my SUV’s air conditioner is acting up, the door lock is

malfunctioning or I find myself pulled to the side of the freeway with an overheating engine, there’s always one person I call. I call Jeff because he’s knowledgeable, he’s completely honest, he won’t try to sell me something I don’t need and I know he won’t overcharge me when the bill comes.

I also truly trust and respect my tax accountant. Matthew doesn’t just do my taxes at the end of the

year, he knows our interior design business, my other income sources and my personal situation so that he can advise me on many different tax-related issues. When I ask Matthew’s advice, I know I’m going to get educated guidance tailored for me and my situation.

So, when my SUV’s battery makes a funny noise or I get an unexpected letter from the IRS, I know

without hesitation who I’m going to call. Now, while I could call around to see what kind of price I could get from a national-brand auto repair company, or I could try to get some free tax advice from a big franchise tax-filing company, I don’t. I know Jeff’s price on the battery will be fair – even if it’s not the cheapest – and I’m getting trustworthy personal service that no chain store will ever provide. And I know that Matthew’s tax advice will be in my best interest for my situation, not generic advice that a franchised tax service company might provide.

In this modern technological age, where we tend to turn to our computer keyboard to find solutions to so many of our needs, I find it refreshing and reassuring to have personal relationships with skilled professionals and service-providers rather than being at the mercy of Yelp or

This is the kind of service that Jennifer and I hope to provide to all of our interior design clients. It is our mission to provide you with the best design advice, furnishings and architectural materials you desire based on knowing and understanding our clients and their individual plans and needs. We regularly attend conferences, educational trainings and trade shows so we stay on the cutting edge of design trends, furniture introductions and architectural materials innovations so that we are always prepared to find a great design solution for any client’s need, style and budget.


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