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How-To Guide 2020: How to Make your Home an Inviting Refuge

We all know that dining, working, and relaxing at home is currently a far better idea than frequenting enclosed public spaces for these activities. We are spending more time at home and re-evaluating our home interiors from a new perspective. Design professionals and general contractors--both locally and nationally--are seeing strong interest in home renovation projects by homeowners seeking to make improvements.

* What would make cooking meals at home easier and more appealing?

* Should I plan a more organized home office if I’m working from home regularly now?

* What would make movie watching or relaxing at home more enjoyable?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions here are our answers:

Cooking Made Easier

Still using a traditional oven and microwave? Let us introduce you to speed ovens and steam ovens.

Steam ovens are the other great option. They are the healthiest way to cook because they keep foods moist without the need for added fats or oils. Steam rehydrates leftovers and preserves vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruit, and proteins. Combined with convection elements, steam ovens can give you crispness and browning while making tasty, higher quality meals.

Efficient Home Offices

If you’ve been working from home lately, you know that finding a good space to work at home can be a challenge. Combining a home office with a guest room is a great option for those without an extra room, but you’ll need convertible furnishings to make the transition from office to guest room easy.

A home office wall with a good-sized desk and a fold-down bed is one of the best solutions.

Your office wall should have file drawers, bookcase space for reference materials, a storage cabinet for office supplies, and good light. If you’re going to spend a lot of time there, you want the space to function well and make a professional back-drop for video conferencing.

Enjoy Movie-Watching and Relaxing

If staying home on the weekend is your new normal, you might be spending more time watching TV lately than usual. Maybe replacing your worn-out sofa or sectional would make you more comfortable when you get the time to relax.

Please feel free to call Lorain Design to discuss any home improvement project you’re considering. We have the design expertise and resources to make almost any design project attainable with beautiful and inviting results. 



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