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Remodeling Fosters a Positive Outlook

With the world outside beyond our control, remodeling our homes into beautiful places to feel safe and secure is restoring our sense of power and positivity. Homeowners are planning remodels like never before, with national building materials sales reaching their highest level ever this October and home values continuing to increase locally and around the country.

The long days and months spent at home are motivating people to charge ahead with improvements they have been wishing for and make positive changes in their lives. This holiday season, rather than buying loved ones holiday gifts they don’t need, people are planning bathroom updates and significant kitchen renovations, making time spent at home more pleasurable. With vacations and travel reduced, the Coronavirus has turned our focus homeward and given us permission to spend our vacation money on home updates that bring us happiness 365 days a year.

Is it safe to start a remodel now?

Interior designers, architects and general contractors recognize the need for safety precautions to keep everyone’s risk of Coronavirus exposure to an absolute minimum. The design of your remodel can take place almost exclusively without in-person contact using video conference meetings and email if you would like. Another option is to schedule meetings at an outdoor meeting table at your home or our patio. When it comes to the construction of the remodel, it is for every individual to evaluate their health considerations and if the project area can be safely sealed off from rooms you will be occupying. Design professionals and contractors are now accustomed to arriving at your home with the appropriate personal protective equipment and can exercise additional protective measures as needed so everyone is comfortable about their safety.

What home projects would make your daily life more enjoyable and fulfilling?

Consider what rooms have the most potential to improve. Sometimes the solution is as simple as new sofas and an area rug, but other times when the configuration of your rooms doesn’t work well, the solution is more complicated. For a minimal percentage of the overall project cost, you can hire a professional designer who can bring a fresh, experienced perspective about the arrangement of your floor plan and has the resources at her fingertips to bring your concepts to reality. Many professionals will also recommend the best materials and contractors for your project and create the construction drawings you will need for building permits.

Whatever improvements your home needs, we hope your remodel plans bring you the joy and sense of empowerment that other home remodelers are experiencing this holiday season.

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