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Creating the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Considering making your dream Kitchen a reality? Hiring a Kitchen Pro can make the process smoother and less stressful than going it alone.

Maybe you’re frustrated by the grout lines of the tile countertops that came with your home or maybe the Kitchen layout has driven you crazy since day one. Whatever your concerns about your Kitchen, if you’re going to invest in a genuine upgrade, it may be time to call in a professional designer with experience in Kitchen and Bath design.

Kitchen Designers know design guidelines and building codes and they have access to 3D computer rendering programs to illustrate how your stunning new Kitchen will look. They work daily with cabinet manufacturers, appliance suppliers, tile showrooms, countertop fabricators and General Contractors. They attend building industry trade shows giving them the inside scoop on new materials, design trends and the best solutions to common dilemmas homeowners can struggle with. And their Kitchen remodel expertise can save you time, money and frustration.

Tell your pro what works and what doesn’t in your existing Kitchen.

Is the microwave oven too high? Do you love eating casual meals at your peninsula countertop? If you love your sink under the window to the backyard but hate that you can’t put away your dishes with the dishwasher door open, tell your Kitchen Pro. They can recreate the elements you love and eliminate the problems.

Consider your style and needs.

Can you describe the design style you like? Do you know what kind of appliances you would like to have? Look for photos of Kitchens and identify elements that inspire you. Show those photos to your designer and ask to include your highest priority details in the final design.

Be open to new ideas.

Your designer may offer you some options or materials you never considered before. They have experience with materials or appliances that they recommend or may discourage depending on your needs. Stay open to new ideas and you may be surprised how much you like the result.

Design first, bid second.

Allow your Kitchen Designer and yourself the time to thoroughly consider and design your Kitchen before rushing into contractor bids. The more complete the design, the materials selection, and the drawings of your dream Kitchen, the more accurate your contractor’s bids will be. A complete design is the best way to reduce “change-order” upcharges as your project gets underway.

Be realistic about budget.

Unless you’ve remodeled lately, you may be surprised about current remodeling costs. Unfortunately, HGTV is not reality. Look at the 2019 Cost vs. Value Chart for Sacramento from for a realistic idea about remodeling costs in the Sacramento area. And be upfront about your budget with your designer and contractor so they can recommend where you where you can keep costs down and where you can spend a little extra.


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