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How To Create A Spa-Like Bath

We all want a place to escape from our hurried lives, a showering and a bathing sanctuary where we can relax and rejuvenate, surrounded by beauty.

At Lorain Design, we plan, design and build large and small bathroom remodels that give our clients that spa-like getaway. Below is a list of design elements to consider for your bathroom upgrade if you’d love to replicate the feeling of a luxury resort at home:

Gorgeous tile. Even the smallest bathroom can become an enviable oasis with take-your-breath-away tile. Go daring. Who says your bathroom has to be generic white on white? How about realistic wood-look porcelain tiles to remind you of an open-air wellness retreat? Or rich sea blue tile to make you feel like you're at an oceanside vacation destination?

Air tubs and whirlpool tubs. Air tubs, a fairly new massaging tub quickly replacing water-jet whirlpool tubs, use a series of pinhole vents to pump thousands of invigorating bubbles into the tub water. The motion of the air bubbles surrounding your body gives you a feeling of weightlessness and relieves muscle tension. The air vent intensity can be adjusted to create a soothing or more intense overall massage.

Japanese soaking tub. Deeper than a standard tub and traditionally with a smaller round shape, Japanese tubs typically have a built-in seat, letting you immerse yourself up to your neck in enveloping warm water in a seated position.

Steam Showers. Steam showers can transform a standard shower space into a luxurious bathing environment. A steam generator heats water into steam which then circulates around the sealed shower enclosure. Steam showers are known to have many health benefits, including lowering stress levels, increasing blood flow, reducing joint pain and stiffness, hydrating your skin and improving breathing issues.

Full tile walls. Why does the shower tile have to stop at the edge of the shower? Continuous tile walls expand the sense of space by connecting the shower with adjoining bathroom elements. Large tile walls are also practical for cleaning and remind us of the tiled hallways and treatment rooms of high-end wellness centers.

Beautiful plumbing and light fixtures. Bathroom faucets, tub fillers, showerheads, pendant lights and chandeliers can be the jewelry of a luxury bathroom. Whether your overall design style is sleek and modern or vintage chic, select all the perfect fixtures to complete the design aesthetic of your spa-like bathroom and set your project apart from the rest.

If you're ready to have your ordinary bathroom transformed into a spectacular getaway retreat, allow yourself some time to thoroughly consider your space and plan the elements you want to include. The beauty of the end result will make the extra time spent planning well worthwhile.



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