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Making Your New Kitchen Fantasy a Reality

If your Kitchen was not built or remodeled in the last 10-15 years, chances are you’ve been looking longingly at the lovely new kitchens of your friends’ newer homes, model homes and those with recent kitchen renovations. For most long-time residents of Davis or Woodland or even Sacramento, although we’re attracted to the ease of purchasing a new house where everything is already current and updated, most of us are not willing to give up our established neighborhood with mature trees, larger-scale lots and proximity to long-time friends and neighbors. But remodeling, especially remodeling your kitchen, can often feel like a daunting project to take on without some experienced advice and knowledge of the available materials and choices.

A professional interior design firm like Lorain & May Design Associates can not only help you design a beautiful and stylish kitchen, but can also help you create a kitchen that functions efficiently and saves you money. We can help you select new cabinetry at price ranges starting below the big-box hardware stores up to the very best custom-crafted quality. We offer exquisite top-of-the-line countertop materials as well as less expensive non-branded quartz and granite countertops for projects with tighter budgets. We can show you cabinet options for easy-to-reach pot-and-pan storage, pull-out pantries, garbage and recycle bin pull-outs, silverware and spice inserts for drawers and a myriad of other features that will make your kitchen run smoothly.

Where do you start? Consider these questions:

  • What does and doesn’t work in your existing kitchen? We want to make sure to re-design what you know to be problem areas in your old kitchen.

  • Can your existing kitchen footprint incorporate everything your need or do you need to add some extra space to the kitchen?

  • Do you prefer light-to-medium cabinet wood tones, darker, richer stains or painted cabinetry?

  • Do you want to have some cabinet doors with glass inserts? What about under-cabinet or inside cabinet lighting?

  • Do you want solid-color countertop material with subtle inclusions or more color variation and patterning?

  • Can you envision what kind of backsplash you would like?

  • Are there special features you know you want to include in your new appliances? Steam and convection cooking, an extra-low simmer function, a warming drawer…?

  • Have you created on-line “ideabooks” or collected photos of kitchen styles you like and elements you want to include? It’s important to us to know your preferences so we can make your new kitchen the one you’ve dreamt about.

Lorain & May Design Associates works closely with local construction company Pacific Craft Builders as well as other contractors and architects in Davis and the surrounding areas. The combined knowledge of designers and builders always yields a better renovation solution than either specialty might achieve without the other. Please call us to be a part of your team so your dream kitchen can become a reality.


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