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What do Interior Designers do?

One of the most important jobs that interior designers can do is help our clients and potential clients understand how our work can make your life easier... and your spaces more functional and beautiful! Interior designers can help you to meet both your practical and aesthetic needs. We coordinate and collaborate with other remodeling professionals to create interior environments that are beautiful and work for you and your lifestyle.

How do we do that?

1. We consult with you about your interior spaces and listen to what you want and need a space to do for you and your family or business

2. We research and propose a functional and aesthetically pleasing plan for the space

3. We offer the necessary architectural materials and/or furnishings proposed

4. We oversee the construction and installation of the materials and furnishings to complete that vision

Who typically hires an interior designer?

Homeowners and business owners who value the guidance of an experienced professional to help them achieve a cohesive, highly efficient and beautiful space.

How does it work to hire an interior designer?

Typically, you phone an interior design company to start an introductory conversation about the project you are envisioning, your needs and expectations, your time-frame and budget, etc. The interior designer will explain the services they can offer you for your type of project and possibly discuss some of the project scope and details. The designer will then probably ask if you would like to schedule a meeting to see the project site and go over any concept drawings or materials you may have in order to come up with a proposal of how they can help you bring your project to fruition.

What does an interior designer charge?

Most designers charge an hourly rate of $ 100-$275/hr. for design consultations and $75-$150/hr. for research time

The cost of hiring a designer will vary depending on the amount of work your designer does for you. With an experienced designer, her broad knowledge of the materials and furnishings you need can reduce costly mistakes and result in the best possible outcome for your project.


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