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Lorain Design is Growing!

Homeowners in Davis are remodeling their kitchens and baths at unprecedented rates. Tired of outdated cabinetry, bad fluorescent lighting, chipped tile, ugly countertops and failing appliances, the demand is greater than ever. Owners are ready for something sleek and beautiful that they can be proud of and that better fits their lifestyle. Lorain Design clients have been asking us for design help with kitchen and bath remodels with such frequency that we have now added a new kitchen and bath expert to our team to help us with the increased demand!

Deborah Vatani, former remodeling business owner and master of all things Kitchen and Bath, has joined the Lorain Design team so that we can continue to be your trusted adviser for designing the perfect kitchen or bathroom and help you achieve your remodeling goals.

Deb’s experience with whole-home remodeling also gives us greater design capacity for all rooms in your home—Need a new fireplace? An upgraded TV/entertainment area? A well-designed spare bedroom/ home office? We’ve got you covered.

Focusing on style is one of Deb’s great strengths. Her ability to match your design style with the style of your home and marry all the pieces together is her specialty. Deb’s expertise encompasses traditional to contemporary. Her knowledge of cabinetry, stone, fixtures and finishes is extensive and she knows how to bring multiple styles together to meet the needs of everyone in the family.

Please join us in welcoming Deb to the Lorain Design team of professionals. Deb's email address is Please feel free to forward this article to anyone you know who is considering a remodel in 2019. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Click through the slideshow below to view a sample of Deb's amazing projects.

Keep an eye out for info about our upcoming Seminar Series starting in February!


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